Like any Genealogists we have run into many walls in our attempts to research our family history. Probably like many others, finding where in Europe, Asia or Africa our ancestors came from and when and how they came is the biggest hurdle of all. Below are some of the "walls" in my research. If you can help me over any of my "walls" contact me at


These are photos taken in 1947 of my cousins in England. My mother Maude Lockwood was the contact with them. Since her death we no longer have a point of contact. If anyone knows this family please contact me at Either the family name is JARVIS or JARVIS is the baby's mother's maiden name. The father is Charles and the mother is Joan. The baby is Jacqueline. There is another lady, probably a grandmother referred to as "Nanna". The picture with Joan was taken on 13 April 1947. The baby portrait was taken by Alex Imarie, 127 High Street, Beckham, Kent, England.

Ron's Roots

LOCKWOOD Family Group Sheet

SKICKI Family Group Sheet

LIETZOW Family Group Sheet

JARVIS Family Group Sheet

SCHMIDTKE Family Group Sheet

MIGLIORE Family Group Sheet