Ernest Lockwood in Vaudeville 

Grandpa Lockwood spent most of his life on stage, both in England and the United States.  It has been fun trying to follow his career.   It all started with family stories and a special picture postcard.

Please allow time for the pictures to load.    I believe you will find it worthwhile.

          This postcard was sent to Ernest Lockwood Jr. from his father                 from Chicago, IL on April 11th 1924 where Grandpa was playing                  "Dapple the Donkey" in the play "Sancho Panza"

 Handwritten on the face of the card: Yours inside,  Papa

  The card reads, "Wishing you many happy returns of the day.  Hoping      you are behaving yourself.  If not look out for the Donkey when he gets  home.  He will have some kicks."


Grandpa first came to the United States on 9 Apr 1892 on the ship City of Berlin" out of Liverpool, England.  He was a member of an acrobatic troupe that all used the surname "Rosaire"  He did not like his given name and used Robert from as earlu as the 1881 British Census, when he was ten years old.  In this case he was listed on the ships manifest as Robert L. Rosaire.  He continued to use the stage name of Robert Rosaire or just Rosaire throughout his career.

I have been unable to find any records of performances of the acrobatic troupe.  However, in the 13 Sep 1898 of the New York Times, I found the following report.  

"THE EVIL EYE" in Philadelphia.  

"Philaadelphia, Sept 12.- The first performance on any stage of Sidney R. Ellis's "The Evil Eye" was given to-night at the auditorium, in this city, before a large audience.  The play was fantastical and spectacular, and is full of laughable situations.  It gives Robert Rosaire as Nid and Thomas Eliot as Ned opportunities to introduce their specialties."

Here are a couple of samples of posters advertising the show.

Known Theaters and Playdates