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                 Margaret  Jeanette Leatso   

                     1912 - 2003 

                                  Known to her family as Mom, Gram, and

                             Anma by her children, in-laws, grandchildren,

                             great grandchildren and great great grandchildren,

                             Margaret Leatso, nee Skicka, has left a legacy of

                             loving kindness.  Margaret was born into a Polish

                             immigrant family, the fifth child of the six children of Frank Skicki and

                             Catherine Niezgoda.  She and her family moved out of Albany to a farm

                             in Colonie on the Albany Shaker Road in 1914.  It was there that she met and

                             married Bill Leatso and moved to the Leatso Farm in 1930.  

                                      In the years that followed  Bill, Margaret and their children, Louis and Marilyn

                               would share their home, known as the Wolf/Kemp House, with Elsie and

                               Frank Abt, Bill's sister and brother-in-law.  The Leatso farm started out as a

                               typical vegetable truck farm from which Bill and later his son Louis sold their

                               produce at the Albany Farmer's Market.  This changed when the Northway

                               was built and cut off a major portion of the farm.  Additional greenhouses

                               were built and the major product changed from vegetables to flowers and their

                               stand, known as Leatso's Flowers, supplied both the market and individuals

                               from all over the Albany area.

                                       After the death of her son and with Wolf Road

                                      changing from rural farming to a busy commercial

                              center the farm was no longer economically feasible.

                              Margaret came to share her time with Marcia, her daughter-

                              in-law in Albany and Marilyn and Ron, her daughter and

                              son-in-law in Biloxi, Mississippi.  Due to injuries sustained in 2001 and illness

                              she stayed in the South until her death in June of 2003.

                              Shortly before her death she sold the farm which will be turned into a modern

                              hotel.  Even though she was unable to finish school because she had to work

                              on the family farm, Margaret knew the value of a good education.  After taking

                              care of her adult family she assured all the school age children, who included

                              six great grandchildren and six great great grandchildren would be able to

                              attend college through investments in education endowment funds.

                              We all will miss her, but never forget her as her legacy enriches the lives of all

                              the generations that follow.